Avada & Associates legal team announce deal to open up oil & gas

GlobeSt.Adapt Opportunity Zones Awards 2019

Industry experts are predicting that adaptive reuse is likely to be recognized as a distinct product category within commercial real estate by 2021. In preparation for our GlobeSt.ADAPT: OPPORTUNITY ZONES special feature and conference this month, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is putting a spotlight on the achievements of those who have had a hand [...]

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New law gets downtown Bremerton back on track

BREMERTON — The city of Bremerton has a proud history as a blue-collar town, with one of the largest naval shipyards in the country. When German immigrant William Bremer founded Bremerton in the late 19th century, he recognized the unique physical characteristics of the harbor, including a glacial cut resulting in a 600-foot drop in [...]

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Puget Sound Naval Shipyard begins hiring blitz

BREMERTON — The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is once again illuminating its "We're Hiring" sign. Kitsap County's largest employer is looking to replace about 750 positions it has lost this past year to attrition. This hiring effort normally occurs annually and replenishes the shipyard's entry-level workforce," said J.C. Mathews, a shipyard spokesman CLICK HERE TO [...]

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DI Wire Guest Article: Welcome to the Land of Oz

The DI Wire Guest Article: "Welcome to the Land of OZ" By: Greg Genovese There’s not nearly enough business in Kansas anymore – and at least 46 other states and Puerto Rico. With 75% of venture capital going to California, New York, and Texas, U.S. business has become more concentrated than ever. In recent years, venture capitalists have [...]

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